concept design for a beer brand

i challenged myself in creating a fictional design for a beer inspired by an illustration called 'happy'n'hoppy' i made back in 2016.

i provided context to that illustration by designing the beer label, its bottle cap and a themed coaster.

finally i have made some mockups to complete the work and give a better feeling of the final product.

beer logo lock up

Happy'n'hoppy, the pun that inspired the illustration above, became the name of the beer.

i only needed a brewery and eventually its logo to add more credibility to the whole project.

brewery logo lock up

beer label design

a cartoon style and the addition of orange in the label, give more personality, as well as suggesting an orangey-citrusy taste of the beer that is common in some ipas.


moreover orange is also the colour of happiness

(and maybe of hoppiness too).

mockup of the beer label

the beer cap is a small but important element for the design of the whole product.

it's the thing you see right before cracking your beer open;

it's a signature.

* h'n'n stands for happy'n'hoppy like r'n'r stands for rock'n'roll *

bottle cap design

mockup of the bottle cap

how about a coaster?

h'n'h allowed me to better understand how to match the right design to the right product.

it's all about identity.

this project aims to show how design behaves depending on the support in which is printed.

h'n'h gives you an extra hint of its personality in all its components.